Daily Crypto Trends by comparing BTC & ETH Prices VS EMA

⚡️Identifying Crypto Trends ⚡️

Bitcoin & Ethereum are the main leaders in the cryptocurrency market. By comparing their price to their Exponential Moving Averages(EMAs) we can find the current crypto trends.

We compare BTC & ETH prices every day with their short-term and long-term exponential moving averages.

Selected EMAs are 8,21,48,100,200 and we compare the selected EMAs with BTC and ETH prices for finding the general trend.

(Having said that some cryptocurrencies don't follow BTC and ETH price movements but most of them do.)

  Identifying The Crypto Trend 

When the BTC price trades below the short-term exponential moving averages(8,21,48) we interpret that BTC is performing worse than before and the short-term trend is getting worse(Bearish).

If it trades below EMA 100 or EMA 200(longer ema time frames)  we can say we are in a bearish market.

On the other hand, if it trades above its all EMA(8,21,48,100,200) we can say we are in an extreme bull run and the current trend for cryptos is bullish.

If it only trades above the short-term EMA(8,21) but under the long-term exponential moving averages(100,200), we can realize that the short-term outlook for bitcoin is getting bullish. however, we might be still in a downtrend as a  bigger main trend, so it might be the correction of a downtrend or trend reversal point.


  • Technically speaking EMA 48,100,200 plays a key role in identifying the trend for every security. however, the ema length you choose for trend detection completely depends on your strategy and trading plan.

Please note in the crypto trends analysis:

The shorter the time frames the more noise and false signals are being given, but with more sensitivity.

The longer the time frame, the more reliable the signals being given, but with less sensitivity.

So we face more false signals and noise dealing with  With EMA 8  rather than  EMA 200.


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